Excellent product photography is one of the most important marketing assets for manufacturers. Great images engage the imagination of customers, spark desire, facilitate social media sharing, and ultimately drive sales. One of the things we do really, really well at Xprava™ is make products looks their best.

These priceless Gibson guitars, photographed for Vintage Guitar Magazine, document the history of, perhaps, the most iconic instrument of all time... the Les Paul.

These coveted 50's era Gibsons were compared against modern re-issues from Gibson's Historic shop. How did the stack up? You'll have to read the full article at  Vintage Guitar to find out... but needless to say, this was a fun project to work on.

As guitar enthusiasts ourselves, we put these babies through the paces with Mark May (who toured with Dickie Betts), Albert King Award winner John Richardson, and Bart Wittrock (owner of Rock'n Robin Guitars), along with Nate Nakadate (one of the most respected music journalists).

Need great product photography? Let Xprava™ create an iconic image for you.

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